Kalamazoo and Comstock Breweries

In 2003, we opened an additional brewing facility just outside of Kalamazoo in nearby Comstock, Michigan. In May 2012, our 200-barrel brewhouse officially opened along with expanded grain handling facilities, additional fermentation space and more. Almost all of the Bell's beers you see on the market are born here.

Our original location in downtown Kalamazoo is where many of our small batches are brewed - quite a few of which are only available at the adjacent Eccentric Cafe.

For more information about touring either locations, take a look at our Visit page.

Looking down a row of 400-barrel fermenters in 2010

One of our warehousing areas

Empty bottles lining up; the rinsing & filling machine is in the background

With a run speed of 260 bottles per minute, our bottling line needs a lot of bottles.

Filled bottles headed towards to the labeler

Bottles running down the conveyor

Our conditioning warehouse is covered by a green roof. A variety of drought-resistant plants grow around an array of skylights.

Stacks of kegs waiting to be filled

Running left to right: the kettle, lauter tun, and mash tun of the 50-barrel system in 2005

Another view of the brew house before the addition of our 200-barrel brewhouse.

Bottles just prior to entering the filling system

A view down one array of 400-barrel fermenters

A view of our bottling line

One of our new Huppmann brewing vessels.

Much of the wood for our 200-barrel brewhouse was grown, sawed and kilned right here in Kalamazoo County.

Looking up immediately after entering our 200-barrel brewhouse.

Exterior door handle to our new brewhouse.

This banner hanging inside our bewhouse says it all.

A view of our older 50-barrel brewhouse.

Inside our 200-barrel brewhouse

Part of the underside of our 200-barrel brewhouse.

A summer view of our modular, sedum green roof.

One of many Big Ass Fans to help regulate temperature inside the facility.

New grain handling facility

Interior door handle



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