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Bell's General Store Exclusive Series is limited.

Bell's General Store Exclusive Series

Small Batch Innovation Series

More than 30 years ago, Larry Bell set on a path to brew a better beer. This small batch series of beers continues that vision and celebrates the innovation he started, released exclusively where it all began.

Each release is limited and bottles will only be available at the Bell's General Store in downtown Kalamazoo while supplies last (the Eccentric Cafe may also have some releases available on draft).

Released so far

Light Hearted Ale - Everything you love about Two Hearted: 100% Centennial hops, balanced, a firm malt backbone, and all of the hop aroma too, from pine to grapefruit. The difference? This version is sessionable at 4.5% Alc. / Vol. 

Juicy Session IPA - Light bodied, juicy hops, fruit cocktail, light tropical and orange notes. 3.5% Alc. / Vol. 

Tropical Session IPA - Session IPA brewed with a touch of passionfruit; pineapple, mango hop character, sweet orange, dry finish. 3.5% Alc. / Vol. 

Brut IPA - Ripe, tropical aromas, medium bitterness, dry finish. 6% Alc. / Vol. 

Blackberry Sour - Quick sour brewed with blackberries, light lactic acid, tart, jammy. 4.5% Alc. / Vol. 

Pomegranate Sour - Kettle sour brewed with pomegranate, notes of red fruit, lactic, tart. 4.5% Alc. / Vol. 

Session Lager - Light lager: light bodied, balanced, crisp and refreshing. 4.2% Alc. / Vol. 

Lemon Lime Gose -Light-bodied, tart, lemon and lime zest, 4.8% Alc. / Vol. 

Hefeweizen -Spicy, fruity yeast character, slight bubblegum, creamy smooth finish, 5.2% Alc. / Vol. 

Tart Wit Guava - Belgian-inspired witbier with guava, 5% Alc. / Vol. 

Mexican Lager -Light, malty toasty notes, drinkable, balanced, 5% Alc. / Vol. 

Strawberry Milkshake IPA - Hazy, fruit, lactose and vanilla for a rch, creamy, fruity treat. 6.6% Alc. / Vol. L

Incessant - Double New England IPA - juicy, tropical, mango, pineapple hop aroma. 8.5% Alc. / Vol. 

Smoked Vienna Lager - Vienna-style lager brewed with smoked malt. Notes of hickory smoke, baked bread, balanced bitterness, dry finish and crisp. 5.0% Alc. / Vol. 

Hoppy Pilsner- Dry-hopped, grain bill of a classic pilsner with the hop character and profile of a modern IPA - fruity, tropical and citrus hop notes with classic malt and approachable hop bitterness. 5.0% Alc. / Vol. 

Pineapple Guava Sour -Kettle sour brewed with pineappe and guava; luscious, topical fruit, tart dry finish. 4.5% Alc. / Vol. 

Juicy Red IPA - A modern, juicier twist on fan favorite, Roundhouse IRA - ripe, tropical hops, sweet malt notes and a gentle bitterness. 6.5% Alc. / Vol. 

Juicy IPA - A juicy/hazy IPA with impactful hop character - citrus, peach and light tropical notes. 6.0% Alc. / Vol.

Juicy Pale Ale - A juicy pale ale with soft bitterness - tropical hop flavor and aroma. 4.7% Alc. / Vol.

Golden Ale - An easy drinking Golden Ale - clean, balanced ale with light malt character. 4.5% Alc. / Vol. 

Mango Oberon - Oberon brewed with mango - full flavored with tropical, mango and citrusy notes. 5.8% Alc. / Vol.

Keller Bell's - Dry hopped keller bier (unfiltered lager) - big pungent hops, juicy, tropical, light bready malt. 4.8% Alc. / Vol.

Easy Drinking Ale - Light copper session ale, rich malt, fruiy east with a dry finish. 4.5% Alc. / Vol.

Raspberry Oberon - American Wheat Ale brewed with raspberry - big raspberry aroma, jammy, finishes dry and clean. 5.8% Alc. / Vol.

Kolsch Ale -  "Lager like" character, driving on clean, crisp notes that are accentuated by crusty, bready malt notes. 4.5% Alc. / Vol.

Hop Grandslam - Double IPA using the same ingredients as Hop Slam. However, this beer has 4 hops in the dry hop, & is dry-hopped at 4 times more.  8.5% Alc. / Vol.

What's next?

Keep in touch with the Eccentric Cafe on social media for upcoming releases and other info. Share your thoughts: #GSExclusive

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