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Fake Bell's post on Craigslist

Bell's Brewery

It has recently come to our attention that there is a fraudulent job posting on Craigslist for a position with Bell's Brewery. We are currently taking the necessary steps to have this removed, and we advise that readers avoid responding to this or others like it. We are a growing company, but when we post a job openings, we'll use the career opportunity section of our website.


Hopslam Ale release information

Bell's Brewery

The 2011 Hopslam Ale season will begin the week of January 10th. We are currently shipping to our various wholesale partners and will fill as many trucks as we can fit onto our loading docks this week and next. The beer will be released to the market on Monday, January 10th, but depending on when they receive it at their warehouse, as well as the delivery schedule for your local retailers, you may not see it until sometime later in the month. Rest assured: we're moving to deliver all of our Hopslam Ale to you as swiftly as possible at every level in the logistics chain.

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