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Aren't oats just for stouts?

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Rustic flavors from rye malt combined with citrus, resinous hop aroma from Pacific Northwest varieties to create a crisp, refreshing take on the classic Pale Ale. 

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Oarsman & Two Hearted will also be avail ! Get in for free by donating 3 canned goods to…
8 hours 54 min ago

A little surprise for our guests on our intimate, behind the scenes barrel tour as part of .
22 hours 52 min ago

Excited to set sail for Packed the essentials - Oberon, Oarsman, Two Hearted & more. See you on the boat…
1 day 8 hours ago

PORTLAND, OR: is headed your way, along with a few other surprises
3 days 28 min ago

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Two Hearted Ale - 7.00%
$30 / $12 Refill
Milchkaffee - 5.50%
$38 / $20 Refill
Double Brown Ale - 8.50%
$32 / $14 Refill
Christmas Ale - 5.50%
$30 / $12 Refill