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The 9th Annual Bell's All Stouts Day is Nov. 5th

As the autumn chill begins to set in and the evenings last longer, one of our favorite Bell’s holidays is fast approaching!

On Sunday Nov. 5 beginning at 11 a.m. the Eccentric Cafe will change their taps to focus on stouts for the 9th annual All Stouts Day. The historic Bell’s holiday, that originated as the 10 Stouts of November, features more than 20 different stouts.

Specialty tours with specific stout focused lessons will be available at our Kalamazoo brewery location (b-1) all weekend long. These tours will alo include a three year vertical tasting of Expedition Stout for all of age (21+) tour guests.

Year-round, seasonal and specialty stouts will all be a part of this year’s tap list. For those with a different type of palate, many of our standard options will still be available.

Not able to make the trip to Kalamazoo for this holiday? Check out our Beer Finder to see where you can grab some of our stouts near you.

Tap List

355 E. Stout
355 E. Stout with Vanilla
BBA 30th
Bear Hug Stout
Blackbeard's Bear Hug '17
Brandy Barrel Chocolate Orange Stout
Captain Long Haul
Cherry Stout
Coffee's On
Dagger Stout
Double Cream Stout
Expedition Stout
Harry Magill's Spiced Stout
Java Stout
Kalamazoo Stout
Oatmeal Stout
Overland Stout
Mole Stout
Rum Barrel Mole Stout
Rye Stout
Smoked Stout
Sweet Potato Stout
TC Dagger
TC Whiskey Chocolate Orange Stout
Trumpeter's Stout

And additional surprises day-of. See you there!



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