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B1 Beer: Get to know Larry’s Latest Belgian Ale 2017-1

Larry's latest belgian

This post is part of an occasional series looking at the beers we develop at our original brewery, or B1.

Tasting notes: Deep gold, fruity and spicy yeast notes. Dry, crisp finish.

If you’ve been to the Eccentric Café in recent years, you may have noticed beers called Larry’s Latest. These are batches and recipes we’re experimenting with and may tweak for future brews .

This is a series that highlights and continues the tradition of innovation that began in our original brewhouse more than 30 years ago.

Larry’s Latest Belgian is the most recent in the series. With a deep gold color, the Pale Belgian style ale has fruity and spicy yeast notes with a dry and crisp finish.

This beer is considered Mercury 1.5, using the recipe from our first Planet series release as a base. The malt profile was tweaked to increase the ABV from 4.8 percent to 6.66 percent.

Larry’s Latest Belgian is fermented with a Trappist Belgian yeast, which gives it a fruity and spicy flavor notes. The malt and hops support the yeast and let it shine.

There have been several other Larry's Latest beers on tap at the Eccentric Café, including IPAs, Double IPAs, lagers, pale ales and black ales.

See what’s currently available at the Eccentric Café via our Tap Cam.