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Bell’s Third Coast Old Ale brings home 4 medals in 2018

Bell's Third Coast Old Ale brought home four medals in 2018.

We are very proud to celebrate a number of incredible achievements for one of our oldest recipes; four medals at three different craft beer competitions this year.

Bell’s Third Coast Old Ale brought home gold medals at the Colorado State Fair, the World Expo of Beer in Frankenmuth, Michigan and at this year’s Indiana Brewer’s Cup.

A 2015 vintage also took Best of Show at the World Expo of Beer in the competition’s aged beer category.

“This is the Cognac of the beer world, and if aged properly, can be enjoyed and appreciated for years to come. It is also a perfect digestif,” said Larry Bell, Bell’s President and Founder said.

“It is incredible that a recipe as old as this, is still setting the bar thirty years after its debut,” Bell said.

An American Barley Wine, this award-winning beer starts with a rich, caramel base and finishes with a heavy hop bitterness. Sharply intense at first, it will age gracefully, adding complexity and subtlety the longer it ages. 

With an ABV of 10.2%, Third Coast Old Ale was the muse for Bell’s Expedition Stout.

Before Expedition, craft beer fans would travel with Third Coast Old Ale and send pictures of their bottles on travels back to the brewery. Bell later decided to brew a recipe that was better designed for travel and Expedition Stout was born.

Third Coast Old Ale is available on draught and in 12 oz. bottles, packaged in six-packs. It debuted in 1988 and is released annually beginning in September as a specialty offering. Snifters are the recommended glassware for this Barley Wine Ale.

“Third Coast” refers to the Great Lakes region and the label artwork features a dune landscape reminiscent of the Great Lakes coastline.

A big beer that will easily overpower most main dishes, it pairs well with intensely sweet non-chocolate desserts or even a chocolate hazelnut torte along with cheeses like stilton, Gruyere or cheddar.

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