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Bell's Two Hearted mini-kegs return just in time for the holidays

Bell's Two Hearted mini-kegs return in 2018!

For the first time since 2012, Bell’s Two Hearted mini-kegs will return to store shelves.

These 1.32 gallon cans are perfect for sharing (or not) and make great gifts. We are one of the few breweries to offer a beer in such a fun and eccentric package.

Two Hearted mini-kegs will ship from the brewery starting the week of Nov. 5, just in time for the holidays.

After being picked up by our distributors, it will take some time to travel to their final destination. We suggest you contact your local retailers directly to inquire about availability. You can also use the Bell's Beer Finder - but know that you will need to call each location directly to inquire about mini-keg availability. Please be patient with retailers as they may not have all information right away. Two Hearted mini-kegs will ship to our entire distribution footprint, but will be limited.

They will go on sale at the Bell’s General Store in Kalamazoo on Nov. 7.


Savory: Oysters, BBQ, brisket, cilantro, bleu cheese, coriander, cumin, balsamic, chili

Sweet: Apples, grapefruit, carrot cake, maple syrup, caramel

The Eccentric Way: Curried Vegetable Soup

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