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Bring your homebrew club for a special Bell’s tour

Homebrewing is how we got our start. Larry Bell began brewing in the early 80’s on a 15-gallon soup pot, and ran a homebrew supply store before opening the brewery.

We love to see people sharing our passion and are offer a special behind the scenes experience for homebrew clubs.

First, we will take you on a behind the scenes tour of our Comstock Brewery., where you will see everything from our brewing equipment, fermenters, and bottling and canning lines.

We’ll then go downtown to the Eccentric Café and have a special, customized demonstration from our General Store staff. Topics can include yeast starters, building a water profile and ingredients overview.

Homebrew clubs that join us will receive an exclusive 15 percent off discount for all homebrew materials and equipment.

If your homebrew club is interested in a tour, please reach out to