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DIY: Oberon Tiki Torches

Oberon Day is considered to be a serious holiday for Bell's lovers, and the months that follow are a blissful period of American Wheat Ale deliciousness. But why not enjoy Oberon year round? Oberon Tiki Torches are a unique way to keep the light of Oberon burning bright even when the bottles come off the shelves. Special thanks to Tom Plyley for the awesome idea! Before we begin, please remember to only burn the torches outdoors and away from pets and children. Also be certain you have completely extinguished the flame before going inside for the night.

To create the tiki torch you will need:

  • ½” to ¾ “ brass fitting
  • Teflon tape
  • Tiki Torch wick
  • Torch fuel
  • An empty bottle of your favorite Bell’s beer (we think Oberon looks best)

To assemble your tiki torch:

  1. Wrap the brass fittings with Teflon tape to create a seal
  2. Thread the wick through the fitting with only an inch or less of it sticking out of the top
  3. Fill your bottle with torch fuel using a funnel
  4. Feed the wick and sealed fitting into the bottle
  5. Allow the wick to soak for at least half an hour before lighting

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