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Tap list and special tour options: Fourth Annual Roll Out the Barrel Celebration

Roll Out the Barrel

Updated October 7, 2015

What happens when you take some of your favorite brews and age them in a barrel? You end up with an eclectic list of beers truly deserving of Bell’s Eccentric Café. 

On Sunday. Oct. 9 at 11 a.m., we’ll be rolling out more than 25 barrel-aged beers at the Café for our Fourth Annual Roll Out the Barrel celebration. Tickets are not required for this event, but quantities of these specialty brews are limited.

Special Barrel Aged TOURS

New this year, we'll be hosting special barrel aged tours at our original brewery adjacent to Bell's Eccentric Café. This exclusive tour will walk through the basics of how we use rum, bourbon and tequila barrels and larger (wine) foeders to age our beer. We'll also share the inner-workings of our Sour Program and have have samples of our beer for attendees.

Reserve your spot now. Space is limited to 12 people per tour at noon, 1 p.m., 2 p.m., 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. on both Saturday, October 8 and Sunday, October 9. (ALL SPOTS FILLED)

Roll Out the Barrel Tap List

Le Batteur
6.5% — Rustic golden farmhouse ale with brettanomyces, funky, fruity, tart.

Wild One
6.1% — Brown ale with brettanomyces, funky, fruity, light tart finish.

L’Appel du Vide-Saskatoon
3.3% — Session Sour w/Saskatoon berries.

L’Appel du Vide-Pear
3.3% — Vibrant sour session ale aged on pear. Funky, tart.

Tawny Port Baltic Porter
9.9% — Smooth chocolate, grape and complex dried berry notes.

Mrs. Castries Vilnius
7.7% — Tart Brown Ale aged in rum barrels. Molasses and caramel.

Le Bretteur
6.3% — Bright, citrus zest, vinous.

9.7% — Whiskey character, spicy, toffee, strong, warming.

T.C. Whiskey Porter
11.7% — Vanilla, milk chocolate, oak, whiskey, warming.

Wildberry Rye
10.2% — Berry, tart, dry, vinous, tannic.

Sauternes Mead
11.1% — Ripe white grapes and stone fruit aromas, bright honey flavors.

T.C. Whiskey Cherry Third Coast Old Ale
12.6% — Warming, oaky, light vanilla, maraschino cherry.

Smoked Applewood Porter
7.1% — Light smoke, chocolate, woody, subtle vanilla.

BBA Hell Hath No Fury
10.8% — Cocoa, woody, bourbon, vanilla, fig, light smoke, spicy and brown sugar.

T.C. Whiskey Third Coast Old Ale
12.2% — Caramel, vanilla, figs, burnt sugar, warming.

Raspberry Wild One
6.6% — Wild Fermented Ale. Fragrant raspberry, vinous.

T.C. Whiskey Expedition Stout
13.2% — Vanilla, bourbon, nutty, chocolate, warming.

T.C. Whiskey Jupiter
10.0% — Oak, bourbon, toffee, spicy, soft vanilla, rich, full.

T.C. Whiskey 355 E Stout
8.8% — Roast, espresso, oak, dark chocolate.

Traverse 355 E Stout w/Vanilla Beans
9.1% — Soft oak, mocha, spicy, nutty, big vanilla finish.

BBA 30th Anniversary Stout
14.1% — Dark chocolate, dark fruit, warming, spicy, oaky, bourbon.

Honey Hearted
16.1% — Effervescent, big citrus and honey notes, malt, dry.

T.C. Whiskey Coffee Consecrator Doppelbock
11.4% — Toffee, bourbon, wood, espresso/coffee, caramel, light roast.

Sauternes Lychee Ginger Mercury
6.2% — Lychee, floral, sour, hints of apricot and ginger. Spicy yeast.

T.C. Whiskey Neptune
12.2% — Woody, bourbon, roast, dark chocolate, spicy, molasses, warming.

Norman’s Conquest
6.6% — Calvados barrel aged spiced cider. Ripe apple, subtle oaky vanilla finish.

Tawny Port Le Pianiste
6.3% — Aged in tawny port barrels. Sour, vinous, dried fruit notes.

Blackbeard’s Rum Barrel Bear Hug
13.0% — Aged in rum barrels w/vanilla beans, toasted coconut and Saigon cinnamon.

T.C. Whiskey Dagger Stout
13.7% — Big whiskey aroma. Full bodied, rich espresso & vanilla notes, firm hop finish.

Baxter’s Delight
11.5% — Rich malt, warming, smoke and sherry notes on the finish.