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Get To Know: Bell's CBCBCBC Ale, a collaboration beer brewed with help from Crosby Hop Farms

Bell's CBCBCBC at CBC Nashville.

Tasting Notes:  Pale Ale dry hopped five times, with stone fruit, dank, pungent hop notes

This beer was brewed for the Crosby Hop Farms booth at the 2018 Craft Brewers Conference. The name is an acronym for Craft Brewers Conference Bell's Crosby Collaboration Beer, but CBCBCBC is the official name.

Utilizing a popular technique of multiple dry hops, we looked to drive complex and layered hop aromatics in a delicately malty Pale Ale. CBCBCBC Ale contains 100% Crosby Farms Oregon grown hops. In addition to the pelletized hops, we used Crosby's HopHash as part of the overall hop profile. HopHash is highly concentrated with the aromatic oils and and bittering components of hops without as much leafy green material as found in standard hop pellets.

CBCBCBC clocks in at a 5.6% ABV and can be enjoyed at the Eccentric Cafe in addition to this year's Conference in Nashville. Check to see if it's on tap at the Cafe with our tap cam. And it's fun to say. Try it! It's all about the rhythm.

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