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Get to know: Bell's dry-hopped lager, HopfenDunkel

Tasting Notes:  Dry-hopped lager with herbal, noble hop character and a slight caramel sweetness.

HopfenDunkel, a dry hopped lager, translates literally to "hop dark" in German. We are utilizing our European style lager recipe while using European hops for the kettle and dry hop, hence the German play on words for the name. 

The copper-colored beer has a 5% ABV, medium bitterness and an herbal, green tea like hop character. The slight sweetness  of the malt and herbal, noble character play well of each other in the finished beer. 

Check out our beer finder to find HopfenDunkel near you, or check to see if it's on tap at the Eccentric Cafe with our tap cam.