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Happy holidays from Bell's: Meet our wreath maker

The 2019 Bell's holiday wreath pays homage to Lampshade, one of our newest Double IPAs.

Our gardener, Jenny, has crafted a unique wreath (or two) for the holidays almost every year since 2005. 

They are typically revealed around Thanksgiving and some can be found elsewhere in the Eccentric Cafe, even after the holidays are over. (they are that good). 

Below is a video looking at the 2015 and 2016 creations s. Below those, we've also collected some photos of other past wreaths from previous years for you to check out and enjoy. 

Happy holidays from our family to you and yours. 



2019 wreath

Bell's Holiday Wreath 2019


2017 wreath

Bell's Holiday Wreath 2017

2016 wreath

2015 wreath

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