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Hear Our Employees Talk Sanitizer In A New Podcast Episode

The Master Brewers Association of the Americas (MBAA) has released a new podcast episode featuring our very own Elliott and Josh from our Brewing Team! The podcast, which focuses on the science, technology and operations of the brewing industry, has created its most recent episode to further examine the role and efficacy of sanitizers here at Bell’s. The episode gives listeners an in-depth explanation of the experiments Elliott and Josh conducted to evaluate the sanitizing process. 

This is not the first Master Brewers Podcast episode Bell’s employees have participated in. Tim, our Technical Packaging Manager, appeared on the podcast as well in April to discuss the impact lactic acid bacteria has on sour wort and beer. Tim’s knowledge of Lactobacillus cultures, courtesy of years in the craft brewing industry, provides an informative take on the process of creating a sour beer. 

The MBAA’s commitment to educating others on the technicalities of brewing is very much aligned with our support for research and growth in the brewing field. We believe that creating a safe industry which produces high-quality products starts with educating others on the brewing practices that are most effective. 

The podcast series, which ranges in topics from dry-hopping techniques to wastewater-generated energy, can be found on iTunesStitcher, the MBAA community page and the MBAA website.

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