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Inspired Crafts and Beer: Christmas (Ale) Tree

How about adding a little Christmas (Ale) cheer to your Christmas tree? Here are instructions for how to turn used bottle caps into a tree ornament. You can use any Bell's bottle caps with it

What You Need

  • 1.5mm metal hole punch pliers
  • Jump rings, size varies on how much space you want. We used 13mm rings for the tree
  • Pliers
  • Used bottle caps (7)
  • Ornament hook

Step 1: Put bottle caps in formation

Line your bottle caps in the shape of a tree

Step 2: Punch holes

Punch holes in these areas

Step 3: Loop ring through holes

Step 4: Fasten with pliers

Step 5: Repeat for all other bottle caps

Step 6: Add hook to the top


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