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Fall is upon us, and it’s time for hayrides, apple orchards, Best Brown Ale and, who can forget, pumpkin carving.

Need some inspiration about what carve? How about something related to one of your favorite breweries or Best Brown Ale.

First and foremost: Safety first! Make sure you are using tools you are comfortable with are always safe. Here are some tips from Consumer Reports.

Download a Bell’s logo stencil, Best Brown Ale stencil and an Oberon stencil.

NEW FOR 2018: Two Hearted stencil

A couple of things to note with each stencil:

Bell's logo: Cut out the letters and the bells only.

Best Brown: Cut out all darkened portions except for the eye inside the outline. 

Oberon: Remove only the portions marked with an "X."

Ok, time for the pumpkin carving.

  • Download the Bell’s pattern and print it off.
  • Cut open the top of the pumpkin
  • Remove all the insides. You can separate the seeds and roast later. Make sure to compost what you don’t use!
  • Cut and tape the stencil on the pumpkin so it fits closely
  • Poke around the areas you want to carve
  • Remove stencil and start cutting.
  • Refine the edges, insert a candle, light and display.
  • Crack open a Best Brown Ale and admire your handiwork!

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Inspired Carving