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Light Hearted Q&A: When it will be available, calorie count and more

Light Hearted is on the Canning Line.

Light Hearted, our low-calorie IPA is almost here!

After taking its inaugural run on the Canning Line, our team is working with our distributor partners to help get this beer out to all of our fans as fresh as possible. We will continue packaging and shipping it throughout the year, adding more and more locations as possible. It will arrive at our General Store on Jan. 20, the same day it will be tapped at the Eccentric Cafe. 

Here are some details about Light Hearted: 

  • 3.7% ABV
  • 110 calories
  • 8.7g carbs
  • 1.3g protein
  • 0g fat
  • Brewed with Centennial and Galaxy hops and our House Ale yeast

For more information, including state by state shipping info, please visit our Help Center. 


Our General Store has all of your Light Hearted gear. Take a look.