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Looking for vegan beer? Majority of Bell's beers contain no animal products

If you're vegan and like beer, you're in luck: the majority of what we brew does not use any animal products. And all of our beers meet the criteria for being vegetarian. 

Most of Bell’s beer are brewed with four main ingredients: water, malt, yeast and hops. Anything else like cherry juice for Cherry Stout or coffee beans in Java Stout will be mentioned on the label as well.

The only animal product we do use is honey, which is used to brew Hopslam (one of our double IPAs), Eccentric Ale (a limited Kalamazoo release) and Roundhouse (our India Red Ale). All three are packaged in cans/bottles and kegs. Wedding Ale and Mead also use honey, but are draught only (and do not have a regular release schedule). Our Kalamazoo Stout uses brewers licorice, but that is also vegan. 

We do not use isinglass or other animal-derived process aids at any point in our brewing process. Our beers are entirely unfiltered, except for our lager beers, and we do not use finings in any of those either.

If you are at the Eccentric Café and have a question about a beer, ask one of our servers or bartenders and they can help you. If you have other questions about ingredients in our beers, reach out.

Other draught only releases that are brewed with honey:

  • Sweet Potato Stout
  • Honey Hearted
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