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Making the Bell's 2015 holiday wreath

With the holiday season approaching, we have two new wreaths hanging in the Eccentric Café. 

Every year, our gardener Jenny creates a holiday wreath to hang in the pub. Previous year’s themes were based on some of our beers including Java Stout, Best Brown, Sparkling Ale and Expedition Stout. 

This is the 10th year she has made a wreath and it’s, as Jenny says, “a little over the top.”

In the center is a giant snow globe, with the artwork for our winter seasonal, Winter White Ale. A small motor blows snow.  Around the globe are cut pieces of birch wood and greens. Illuminating from the top are multicolored lights, a nod to the Northern Lights.

To celebrate our 30th anniversary, Jenny made another special wreath that hangs over the fireplace in our new dining space.  The 30th Anniversary seal is suspended in the center, surrounded by lights and greens.

Like the other wreath, birch was part of the inspiration and there is a birch bow on top of the wreath.

Jenny’s wreaths are well known. When she went to get the Winter White logo blown up and copied, the woman at the store asked what she was doing with it. When Jenny said he was making the holiday wreath for Bell’s, the woman asked if she did the one of the fish made out of Two Hearted Ale cans.

“She knew my wreath from last year,” Jenny said. “So I got to tell her that she was part of this year’s wreath.”

Jenny first started making the wreaths as a customer, before being hired full time. A lot of hours go into making it, but she enjoys being creative with them. 

“I just feel real fortunate to have to the opportunity to do whatever I want to do, which is really fun,” Jenny said.

Check the wreaths out in person through the holidays at the Eccentric Café.

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