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The next chapter for our family-owned brewery: First look at our refreshed logo and packaging

For more than 30 years, we have focused on brewing beer that follows the vision of our President and Founder, Larry Bell.

Our dedication to quality begins with sourcing the finest raw ingredients and continues into our brewhouse, our quality lab, all the way to your glass. We are continuously adding to, and refining our process in every aspect to ensure and reinforce those expectations of quality.

As we continue to brew the best beer we can, we wanted to make sure our packaging reflected the quality of the beer inside.

Over the past year, Larry Bell and our Vice President, Laura Bell, have been working with a team to look at the imagery of each beer in our family. We want to make sure our packaging and logo maintain the heritage and vision of our brands while highlighting the style of each beer, in a way that is consistent with who we are as a brewery.

Today, we are very excited to share a first look at both before they begin to roll out later this year.

logo-inspired-web.pngOur logo is changing to better reflect the Bell’s name and the branding that we are so proud of. Certain brands will also change to highlight the flavor and characteristics of the beer inside.

We are thankful to the artists who created the iconic art featured on so many of our brands. They have helped showcase our creative side and in turn, helped our brewery grow. Fan favorites, like the Two Hearted Brook Trout and Oberon Sun are not going anywhere. They will actually be displayed more prominently.

While being respectful to those works of art, we also want to pay homage to where we’ve been. In line with our commitment to quality, we want our packaging to reflect the beer inside by highlighting styles and descriptions more clearly.

The essence will remain the same. That will always be a part of who we are.

In keeping in mind our commitment to sustainability and our environment, these changes will be introduced over time to cut down and eliminate waste.

We’re proud of where we’ve been and are just as excited about where we’re going.

This is the culmination of 30 years of inspired brewing. Our anniversary and Funvitational were just the beginning of the next chapter for our family-owned brewery, one that we are excited to share more about in the months ahead.

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