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One of the best brewery tours just got better; Bell's debuts new enhancements

The Bell's Comstock Brewery tour now offers some brand new enhancements.

Our brewery tour was voted one of the best in U.S., but that doesn’t mean we’re gonna stop looking for ways to take your favorite brewery tour to the next level. 

We’ve been working very hard behind-the-scenes to do just that.

Not only can you sample (for free) some of the freshest Bell’s beer you will ever taste, you can also enjoy some new, exclusive experiences. 

Officially debuting June 1, our Comstock brew gallery now includes a beautiful 50-foot (and more than eight feet tall) timeline that will allow you to explore our 30+ year history in more detail and at your own pace. We’ve added a pop-up store that will be the only way to get exclusive Bell’s merchandise. You can also learn more about how a special piece of Michigan’s brewing history has become part of where we are going next, not to mention getting up close and personal to the soup pot that started it all. 

All this and more: isn’t it about time you came back for another visit? Or your first? Reserve your free Bell’s tour now. 

See you soon - cheers!

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Now when you tour Bell's Comstock Brewery, you can also purchase exclusive Bell's merchandise.