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Our BBQ features 3 house-made sauces

Weekend BBQ

New this summer at the Eccentric Café is our Backyard BBQ.

But it’s just not the meat that’s notable. Lot’s of love goes in our sauces, which are made fresh every weekend.

With our BBQ, you have the choice of:

  • Motown: our house bbq sauce is a tomato vinegar sauce with a hint of spice.
  • Carolina mustard sauce: made with our house mustard.
  • Buffalo sauce: classic buffalo sauce made from scratch.

On most weekends, we’ll have pork, brisket and chicken wings available. We smoke our meat the night before so it’s fresh when served.

Also with our BBQ, we serve house made buttermilk cornbread and slaw, with red cabbage, celery, onion, poblanos in slaw sauce.

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