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Sonoma Pride: a beer to help King Ridge Foundation and All Hands Volunteers

Sonoma Pride

Beer is about being part of a community. 

And when our community is in need, we do what we can to help out.

Recently, we were fortunate to be able to partner with our friends at Russian River Brewing Co. to brew a special batch of Sonoma Pride that is now on tap at Bell's Eccentric Café. 

Russian River opened their Sonoma Pride label to help raise money for those affected by wildfires in California. Our beer is a lightly dry-hopped golden ale.

Proceeds from the sale of the beer will go to the King Ridge Foundation. Bell’s is also matching proceeds to donate to All Hands Volunteers to help those in need across the country.

Find out more about the Sonoma Pride campaign and All Hands Volunteers.

Sonoma Pride: Beer is about being part of a community