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Spent Grain Dog Treats: Your Pet And The Environment Will Thank You

Safety note: Hops are toxic to dogs. Please be careful. 

We at Bell’s, as well as many homebrewers, strive to produce beer as sustainably as possible. Our spent grain is repurposed to feed livestock on various farms. Our grain has also ended up at Kalamazoo's Sarkozy Bakery in their Brewer’s Bread. There are several other ways brewers can reuse the grain after it’s been through the mashing process as well. 

Spent grain can be composted, used as deer feed and even turned into cookies. One of the most fun ways to reuse processed grain is to make treats for our furry friends. 

Here's a recipe from the American Homebrewers Association

Keep in mind that these treats (and other baked goods) are best when made with fresh spent grain. If you cannot arrange this, keep your grain refrigerated or frozen until you are ready to use it - it will get moldy if you do not. Another very important tip is that you must make sure your grain has not come in contact with hops at any point; hops are toxic to dogs.

Contact your local breweries to see if they have any grain leftover you can have if you’re not creating some on your own. Spent grain dog treats are a great way to show the environment (and your dog) that you care. Plus, they’re one of the best ways to share a beer with your pup.