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For Summer Activities, Which Bell's Beer is Best?

Though Oberon is the Bell’s beer most frequently associated with summer, there are several other brews that are perfect for enjoying over the summer months as well. Whether you’re spending time adventuring in the water or relaxing on land, there’s a beer for every occasion this season. 


This probably goes without saying, but Lager of the Lakes is our go-to for kayaking. This beer is a refreshing and crisp cool-off for those hot days spent traversing the waters around us. Although, any of our beers are up for water adventures when canned. 


Quinannan Falls was born from a dream set in the nature-heavy north of Michigan, but you don’t need to be asleep to enjoy a beer while exploring. Q-Falls is the perfect take-along for your next woodsy adventure. It's aromatic hops blend seamlessly with the pine surrounding you on your next camping excursion. Just remember to bring out what you bring in, nobody’s dream forest is covered in empty cans.

Relaxing by the pool

It’s no doubt that Pooltime Ale has earned its name. Sipping a beer by the pool is made even better when that beer is made with 100% Montmorency tart cherries. Take your lazy day to a new level with a beer that tastes so good, you could brave a world without air conditioning for just a little bit longer. 


Most people see Oarsman and think boats, but we like to think outside of the dock. Being smothered by the sun’s rays (and the air’s density if you live in Michigan) is worth it for a good round of golf, but ‘worth it’ doesn’t always mean enjoyable. Oarsman’s citrusy aromas add a refreshing escape from the weather; we’re not saying it’ll make your score any better, but it might make your day.


Is it cliché that we like Two Hearted Ale best for fishing? Maybe, but there’s a reason it’s named after a river and represented by trout. Whether you’re fly fishing on the Two Hearted River or casting a line in a small pond, our ale is particularly drinkable and perfectly compliments a day by the waterside. 

Beach Day

No beach day would be complete without sunscreen, a towel and a can of Oberon. Listening to the waves crash and sipping on our wheat ale is the perfect way to spend a summer day. In fact, sometimes the spicy yet fruity taste of an Oberon screams summer more than ice cream.


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