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Take home a growler of your favorite Bell's beer

The Growler Station at the Bell's General Store.

If you’re looking for a way to take home a Bell’s beer that is typically only offered on draft, or if you just want to share a taste of the Eccentric Café with a group of friends, our growler station offers a way to take beer some without sacrificing quality. 

We have four rotating beers on our growler station at the General Store – often with pub-only beers that you can’t find anywhere else.

Why don’t we offer all of our beers for growler fills like other bars and breweries? It’s all about quality.

We fill our growlers using a counter-pressure filling system. This limits exposure to oxygen and the shelf life of your beer (if stored properly) will be extended from a few days, like most growler fills, to a few weeks. Our growlers are 2 liters in size and made of pressure rated glass. To ensure the safety of you and our employees, we only fill Bell’s growlers, as we know that they are rated to handle the pressure that is applied to them during filling.

Purchase your growler and get it filled in our General Store, then bring back your clean, empty growler for a refill of one of up to four selections. You can see what we have on tap at the growler station any time at or follow Bell's Eccentric Café on Untappd.