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A different take on Christmas ales - drinkable, balanced & made with Michigan ingredients

Bells Christmas Ale at the Bells Farm in Shepherd,Michigan.

What sets our Scottish Ale apart from other Christmas Ales available this time of year?

Unlike some others you might come across, Bell’s Christmas Ale is drinkable (5.5% ABV), its malt-forward and it’s brewed without the use of any spices.

It is an alternative to other heavy winter-warmer with subtle toffee flavors, and an earthy, herbal aroma.

Our Christmas Ale highlights Michigan agriculture with malt from our farm in Shepherd, Michigan and the Turnwald family. Hops grown at Hop Head Farms, six miles from where this beer is brewed, are also a huge component of this beer.

That connection with our farmers brings us full circle, but it’s also a way for us to take more ownership of the raw materials that make this beer what it is.

Christmas Ale is also incredibly versatile with food, making it one of the best pairings for Thanksgiving dinner, pasta, sausages and so much more.

Our Director of Production, John Mallett, and our Brewing Innovation Manager, Andy Farrell talk more about what makes this beer special to us and hopefully to you in the video below.

It features music from Ron Casebeer performed by Kalamazoo’s The Corn Fed Girls.

We’ve also added 12-packs this year to give you yet another way to enjoy this beer.

Look for Christmas Ale at your favorite bar, restaurant or retailer on or around Nov. 1.

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