Bell’s partners with Pints for Prostates to help encourage conversations about men’s health

Josh Smith | Bell's Brewery

PintsforProstates_Crowns.jpgWe are proud to be one of 14 craft breweries across the U.S. to partner with Pints for Prostates on a new way to start a conversation about men’s health.

400,000 total bottle caps (crowns) were made featuring the Pints for Prostates logo along with a special message and have been distributed among participating breweries to be used in upcoming bottle runs in November and December.

Printed on the underside of the cap is the message “Reaching men through the universal language of beer” along with the Pints for Prostates website address (see attached photo).

Pints for Prostates was founded by prostate cancer survivor and beer writer Rick Lyke in 2008 to raise awareness among men about the importance of regular health screenings. They make appearances at beer festivals and other events and promote their message on social media via other advertising. 

 “We are excited to be partnering with some great craft brewers on this first of its kind program that will put a reminder in the hands of men to take charge of their health,” Lyke said in a press release.

“We hope these bottle caps will start thousands of conversations and encourage guys to talk with their doctors about scheduling prostate cancer screenings,” he added.

Our caps will be spread among multiple bottle runs in order to spread this message as widely as possible. Look for them on bottles of Amber Ale, Bell’s Lager (Lager of the Lakes), Cherry Stout and Java Stout.

For more, please visit their website.

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Bell's Oarsman Ale to debut in cans in March, 2016


OarsmanCanDuo.jpgBeginning in March, Bell’s Oarsman Ale will be available exclusively in 12 oz. cans, packaged in six-packs, and on draught.

Available year-round, Oarsman (4% ABV) is a bright tart, refreshing, and drinkable Wheat Ale that was first released in 2010.

“Since this beer is so versatile, canning this beer made a lot of sense and will allow it to be enjoyed in a wider variety of locations. It’s perfect to enjoy outside, but this beer is ideal in any situation and perfect for a wide variety of tastes,” Laura Bell, Bell’s Vice President, said.

Oarsman Ale grew out of a desire to explore the tradition of session beers with the idea to trade intensity for finesse. It is not a Berliner Weiss, but its acidity and tartness is influenced by a classic German technique and developed naturally in our brewhouse.

Citrusy hops lend bright notes to its aroma while its signature tartness adds another level of complexity to this beer.

That tartness takes on a palate-cleansing role, making it perfect for pairing with any menu whether it be in a fine dining restaurant or at home in your kitchen.

Oarsman cans will ship to all 23 states we distribute to in addition to Washington DC and Puerto Rico.

Oarsman is the seventh beer in the Bell’s portfolio to be canned.

Two Hearted and our seasonal offerings (Oberon, Best Brown, Winter White and Smitten) are packaged in 4-packs of 16 oz. cans. Two Hearted (year round) and Oberon (March - August) are also available in 12-packs of 12 oz. cans. Hopslam will be available exclusively in cans when it’s released in January.

More details will be available on our social media sites (Facebook, Twitter and Google+) and at here as they become available.

Pair your Thanksgiving meal with Bell's beer

Melissa DeKoff and Luke Hutchings | Bell's Brewery


thanksgiving beers.jpg

Thanksgiving is a daylong marathon of football, family, beer and food.

As you put together your holiday shopping list, keep in mind that your selection can help make that Thanksgiving Day Parade your cousin wants to watch a little less painful, but can also complement your menu and even help take it to another level.

Here are some pairing suggestions to keep in mind this week.

General tips

Amber ales

Beers like Amber Ale and Christmas Ale will pair with any holiday food. Both have a mild floral, fruity hop character that’s balanced by sweet malt undertones. Most cooking processes create caramelized flavors that pair very well with the caramel malts used in these beers. You can pair both with a wide range of appetizers, main plates, side dishes and desserts. Plus, the low ABV will hopefully fend off any sleepiness.

Oarsman Ale

Oarsman’s tart and refreshing nature make this a perfect choice to pair with appetizers and cheese plates. It can also serve as a great palate cleanser between each course. Use it to compliment tart fruit dishes or contrast with chocolate desserts. Oarsman is also a great beer to have in the fridge for your relatives that are normally wine drinkers, but may be looking to branch out into the craft beer world.


Bell’s Porter will pair well with glazed ham especially if you prefer to cook with pineapple. It will also pair well with anything on the chocolatey side of dessert as the slight bitterness, roast and coffee characteristics will complement the sweetness.


Expedition Stout is a great as a compliment to rich, decadent dessert dishes. Its roasted malt character, sturdy hop bitterness, and high alcohol balances nicely and helps cut through the sweetness and heaviness that most desserts tend to have. Or, skip the dessert and indulge in one on its own.

Winter White

Winter White will pair well with lighter dishes like a salad or a shrimp cocktail. It will also nicely compliment, but not overpower your turkey. This is also a great beer to pair with fruit desserts like apple cobbler or blueberry trifle.

Thanksgiving Pairing Suggestions

Pre-dinner cheese plate

Oarsman will help calm the fat and salt found on a hearty cheese plate. Oarsman is also a great palate cleanser to utilize when you are hopping between a creamy cheve, a sharp aged cheddar and funky blue cheese while not over powering your palate before the main event.

Added bonus - the sessionable nature of Oarsman will also help you survive the day with family and football.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Try Amber Ale or Christmas Ale to compliment everything on your table as a whole. Both of these beers find a great balance between sweet caramel malts, moderate alcohol and a touch of hop bitterness.

Turkey: Winter White’s fruity aromas and moderate body and alcohol will nicely compliment your turkey on the day of, especially for white meat lovers.

Stuffing: Try a Sourdough stuffing with Oarsman. Its tartness will go nicely with the lactic acid found in the bread.

Cranberry Sauce: Oarsman again (sensing a theme here?) will nicely compliment the tart character of the cranberries. Conversely, try a Two Hearted to cut through the sweetness.


  • Pecan, sweet potato, and pumpkin pie: Expedition Stout will pair amazingly with these desserts. The roasted malt flavors and bitter hop additions will counter and help balance these sweet treats nicely.
  • Strawberry shortcake/Fruit tart: Winter White can last you through turkey and all the way to dessert if you need it to. Fruit and clove aromas along with a light body will complement the sweet flavors in your desert while countering the acidity from your fruit.
  • Skip dessert and indulge in a Third Coast Old Ale or Cherry Stout instead. Both of these beers offer great sweet flavors, are heavy bodied and provide a nice punch of alcohol that will end your Thanksgiving holiday in an appropriate and indulgent fashion.

Check out some of these great food pairing suggestions and recipes for your Thanksgiving. Cheers!

If you’re in Kalamazoo this holiday, the Eccentric Cafe will be closed on Thanksgiving but open on Friday. Stop by with the family for a pint!

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