Dine-In Menu

Special menus items for June 19th

Jerk Chicken with rice & fried plantains  $12
Fried Catfish with fried cabbage $12
Baked mac and cheese $4
Collard greens S4
Black eyed peas and rice $4
Candied yams $4
7up Cake $5
Pecan Pie $5
Peach Cobbler $5

May Food Features:

 Taco of the Month: Pork Birria Tacos – Chili braised pork, cilantro & onion served on corn tortillas. Served w/ lime and consome.
 Eccentric Salad of the Month: Greens, grapefruit, grilled peppers, cucumber & feta dressed in charred onion balsamic vinaigrette.
 Eccentric Dog of the Month: Oberon Brat – House recipe Oberon bratwurst, sauerkraut & mustard.