2017 Bell's Beer Bayview Mackinac Race

Follow this year's race live and join us in Port Huron and on Mackinac Island to celebrate!

The Ultimate Bell’s Experience


As an independent craft brewer for more than 30 years, we are proud to support and celebrate this new initiative from the Brewers Association. Know who makes your beer and where it comes from.

Born in a dream, now in a can

Dry-hopped, crisp and aromatic as the pine forest and waterfall that inspired it.

Ranked #1

Thank you to the homebrew community, our fans, partners and our employees for making this possible. We are truly honored and raise a pint to all of you!

#1 Beer in America: Two Hearted 
#5 Beer in America: Hopslam
#1 Brewery in America
#2 Portfolio in America

General Store

Growler List

Two Hearted Ale - 7.00%
American IPA
$30 / $12 Refill
Oberon Ale - 5.80%
American Wheat Beer
$28 / $10 Refill
Larry's Latest Coffee Milk Stout - 5.60%
Milk Stout
$32 / $14 Refill