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Bell's Tap List for 9th Annual Detroit Fall Beer Festival 2017

The 9th Annual Detroit Fall Beer Festival is only a couple weeks away. We will be among the near 120 craft breweries in attendance.With live music, local food and over 800 beers you won't want to miss out! Visit Michigan Brewer's Guild's page to purchase tickets and learn more about the event and check out what we're bringing below: 

-Best Brown Ale 

-Lager of the Lakes 

-Arabicadabra (brand new coffee milk stout)

-Roundhouse India Red Ale 

-Hell Hath No Fury... Ale 

-Coffee’s On! (barrel-aged coffee milk stout)

-Sparkleberry Ale (coming in cans in 2018)

-Larry’s Latest Sour Ale 

-Le Contrebassiste 

-Larry's Latest Scotch Ale (rich and malty with notes of caramel and a warm finish)

-Black Note

-The Wild One