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Our Hopslam brewery tour is back; here's how you can join us (contest)

Hopslam snifter

Guess what’s coming, guess what’s close?

It’s just one beer some love the most!

Brewed with honey and Simcoe hops

We ship it quick to all the shops!

The first beer of the brand new year

So full of hops it makes you cheer!

Its Hopslam folks prepare yourself-

In January it hits the shelves!

To up the ante, if we may

Please send your Hopslam love our way

A special tour on which you’ll go

For how to enter, read below:

To celebrate the 2018 release of Hopslam, we have designed a unique brewery tour to celebrate one of the most coveted double IPAs out there. 

This year's hop-centric experience will again be limited to just 10 spots (plus one guest each) at our Comstock Brewery.

It will be on Jan. 4 at 6:30 p.m. and will include:

  • A Hopslam hop rub. 
  • A discussion about how we select which hops make it into this beer.
  • A close-up look at our cellar where we dry hop this and other wonderfully aromatic beers. 
  • Fresh Hopslam right from the source (of course).
  • Sensory experience
  • Special Hopslam swag
  • Access to a discounted hotel rate (NEW)
  • A trip to the mini-keg line (NEW). 
  • A few other fun surprises that we cannot tell you about just yet (as much as we really, really want to)!

How do you get to experience this one-of-a-kind opportunity?

In order to tour, you must enter to win (although everyone who shows us their love of Hopslam will receive something).

Write a song, paint a picture, take a photo, shoot a video, orchestrate a rock-opera, slam us with poetry!  Do whatever it is that you do best to express your love for Hopslam (just be sure to keep it clean). 

If you share that love on social media, be sure to tag us (@bellsbrewery) and use the hashtag #HopSlamMe. You will need to fill out this form in order to be considered.

To up the ante we've also added something else this year. We'll choose one "grand prize winner" from among the ten finalists to dry-hop a batch of Hopslam! That's right, one person will get to help make sure a future batch is full of all those delicious hoppy aromas. In order to have this honor though, you're gonna have to truly impress us with your entry. So get creative!

The deadline to enter is Dec. 20. Each random winner will win two spots on this exclusive Hopslam Brewery Tour (one for them and one for a guest).

Winners will be notified by Dec. 22 so they have plenty of time to make travel accommodations if chosen.

Cheers and good luck!

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