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Our 'Latest" Untappd badge celebrates the newest Bell's seasonal and those that have been with us since the beginning

Larry's Latest Untappd Badge

Our latest Untappd badge celebrates the newest addition to our 2018 seasonal line-up and is a nod to the spirit of innovation and experimentation that has been with us since the beginning. 

Some of the beers that will unlock this badge have been with us for years. Larry’s Latest Sour is the newest. All were different than what beer fans were used to when they debuted, which makes them perfect examples of the idea behind our newest spring seasonal.

The name “Larry’s Latest” started years ago as a way for Larry Bell to quickly name and release his new small-batch or experimental beers on draft at our pub. We proudly use that name now as a nod to the spirit of innovation and experimentation that he started in 1985 and continues to this day.

This "Latest" badge will be available for 1 week only, from Feb. 10 through Feb. 17. 

Check-in to any of the following beers to unlock it:

  • Larry's Latest Sour Ale
  • Lager of the Lakes
  • Two Hearted
  • Kalamazoo Stout
  • Third Coast Beer
  • Amber Ale
  • Oatsmobile
  • Oarsman
  • Porter



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