Feb 15

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World of Beer - Raleigh

February 15, 2018 - 5:00pm

Steal the Pint Night featuring Wild One! (6.1% ABV)

Tart, fragrant, wild-fermented brown ale. Fermentation is performed by house yeast plus various strains of the Brettanomyces wild yeast and Lactobacillus cultures. Takes 6 – 8 months to complete. Each batch of Wild One begins not as a single beer but as distinct batches fermented in wooden foeders.

In August 2013, we installed a set of wooden fermenters. These vessels are large oak barrels that hold 100 bbls each. When used for beer, they are typically referred to by the Flemish/Dutch name, foeders. In the wine world, they use the French term foudre. These vessel were used for 20 years at a California winery before being retired. They are now ideally suited to wild fermentation. The brewers then sample each batch and blend to taste, selecting the desired flavor attributes from this array. The result is a refreshing tartness, buoyed by a heady fragrance of ripe cherry, apple and funk brettanomyces notes. Wild One was the first Bell’s beer released that utilizes wild yeast and bacteria. Inspiration not imitation.

While related in aroma, flavor and fermentation to the Flanders Red and Oud Bruin styles historically brewed in the Flemish speaking region of Belgium, Wild One was not created to mimic either style. Minimal hop character and mild toasty, caramel malt flavors are background elements which support the tart, fruity, vinous character of the wild fermentation.

Could potentially be offered as an option to wine drinkers that may not enjoy other beer styles. Pairs well with a mixture of tart and sweet works well (think tomato or bacon jam)

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