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StirStarter - Yeast Starter Stir Plate

  • StirStarter w/ 2L Erlenmeyer Flask (Optional)
  • Close-up Of Vortex
  • Front Of StirStarter Unit
  • Back Of StirStarter Unit
  • Keeper Magnet In Action
Your Price:
$40.00 (You save $4.00)
1.0100 LBS

Dried Malt Extract:

Extra Magnets (1 each included):


Product Description

Brew Smarter With StirStarter - Magnetic Yeast Stir Plates For Home Brewers.

Includes stir plate & power cord, magnetic stir bar, keeper magnet, instructions and warranty.

What is a yeast stir plate?

A stir plate is a device used to create a constant stirring motion in a yeast starter. Constant stirring increases yeast growth and creates healthier yeast for fermentation of your wort.

Why buy a StirStarter stir plate?

Laboratory grade stir plates cost hundreds of dollars and are designed to stir liquids of all kinds, some hazardous. The StirStarter is made just for yeast, so unnecessary and expensive features can be eliminated. The StirStarter comes with a lifetime guarantee. If it fails for any reason, simply return it for a free repair or replacement. This is the only stir plate we carry, just because anything more is unnecessary for brewing. We've had one of these running in the store here for years with no problems at all!

Why do I even need to make a starter?

Most home brewers don't pitch enough healthy yeast when they brew. Yeast starters are especially important if you are brewing lagers or "big" beers.

What size beaker or flask should I use?

The StirStarter works best with a 1 to 2 liter Erlenmeyer flask. Using a growler or other vessel with a convex bottom is not recommended. The stir bar will not spin without throwing the bar to the side in this type of vessel.

How fast do I need to sir my starters?

It isn't necessary to develop a deep vortex in the liquid to get a good stirring motion. The goal is to keep the yeast in suspension and in contact with the air. The deep vortex looks cool, but it's not needed for good yeast growth.

Do I need to change the way I prepare my starters?

No, you don't need to change what you're doing. Prepare your starter as you normally do and simply put the starter on the stir plate, letting it stir overnight. When you brew the next day, your starter will be ready to go!


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Product Reviews

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  1. Fantastic - Quality Build

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Jan 2013

    I was planning to build my own stir plate. I work at a company that manufactures laboratory test equipment and can probably salvage parts from our scrap bin to make 10 of these, but there were a couple of components I was missing... so I started searching the web. Ouch. This is the best price out there, for less than double what it would cost to make your own, plus the time you save by not having to find and wait for parts and then put it together. Hands down, this is the best deal and the quality of the build is sound! I can see this thing lasting for years and helping to make some great brew. Even if it doesn't, a lifetime warranty is a nice comforting fact!

    Also, a big thanks to Bell's for supporting a local small American business!! Cheers!

  2. works great and best price I've seen

    Posted by JKonradt on 13th Dec 2012

    Bought this stir plate last month. The starter I made with it worked great.

  3. Look no further!

    Posted by Trevor on 9th Jun 2012

    I looked everywhere online to compare prices and looked at reviews and finally decided to just build my own stir kit. After I priced it all out and was just about ready to pull the trigger, I LUCKILY did one last search online and found this beauty of a deal. The cost was LESS to purchase here then it was to build my own, and that includes the price of the very nice 2L flask I added. Stir plate works like a charm, is priced right, and best of all...it has a lifetime warranty. Look no further folks, jump on this deal and enjoy making easy starters.

  4. Simple, does the job for a low price

    Posted by Mark on 9th May 2012

    I was planning to build my own yeast stir plate, but when my homebrew buddy sent me a link to this, it was obvious there was no way it was worth my time to do it myself. Received it last night and had it up and running in minutes. Looking forward to starting a batch of yeast tomorrow!

  5. What a deal, fast shipping and the product works

    Posted by Fred Loucks on 2nd Oct 2011

    I don't typically take the time to write a review, but this time I feel I should.

    I have been looking for a stir plate for some time and when I came across the stir starter I thought that it was so cheap that it probably wouldn't work, and was going to buy a more expensive one. But then I thought that this one is so cheap worst case scenario I would have an Erlenmeyer flask. So then I started shopping and found the best price here at Bell's.

    So if you are looking for a stir plate this one will do great producing a 2000 ml (1/2 gallon aprox) starer, takes care of most 10 gallon batches. If you are looking for the best place to buy it, these folks were great and it was the best price on the internet (if you by the whole kit with the flask and DME) I'm all the way down in Houston and I got it in 3 days, they must have got it out fast.

    Most deals that appear to be too good to be true, are, but this is truly a great deal!

    Note: I took the top plate off (to see how they do it so cheap) to find that this thing is comprised of rare earth magnets, a 1" or 3/4" pvc coupling cut and machined, a small rheostat and a computer cooling fan held together with gorilla glue. At first I thought that's cheesy. Then I realized it was brilliant! The machining on the PVC coupling and the assembly was perfectly balanced and a computer cooling is affordable, brush-less and has a 10/10 duty cycle and will last forever. This guy at Stir Starter is an Ace in my Book. If you think you might try to make one yourself from what I just wrote, don't waste your time, you'll spent more time and money doing the set-up and trying to get it right than just buying one.


    Isaiah 56:12

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