2018 Bell's Beer Bayview Mackinac Race

Follow this year's race live and join us in Port Huron and on Mackinac Island to celebrate!

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Recipe: Pooltime Cake Pops

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Our IPA is available on draught in cans (16 oz. four-packs, 12 oz. twelve-packs and six-packs) and bottles (12 oz. six-packs). 

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What adventure has 3 of our favorite things? A Road Trip! (Technically, it has another favorit… https://t.co/g026mV9GE3
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Do you know who makes your beer? Tour largest independent craft brewery in Midwest for free w/samples: https://t.co/q1RZcjQfuq
11 hours 44 min ago

Weekend project: A great, simple way to reuse those empty bottles, keep the bugs away and light the way. Thanks for… https://t.co/rkFh05PW2N
1 day 2 hours ago

A river of . Who's up for a little fishing? https://t.co/9dtfwQ98Ku
1 day 3 hours ago

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Growler List

Two Hearted Ale - 7.00%
American IPA
$24 / $12 Refill
Oberon Ale - 5.80%
American Wheat Beer
$22 / $10 Refill
Larry’s Latest IPA - 6.40%
American IPA
$26 / $14 Refill
Honey Hearted - 14.40%
Barrel Aged IPA
$52 / $40 Refill